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VW Transporter Vans - A Walk to its History

Among the renowned and reputable automobile manufacturers across the globe is VW. There are so many VW models that have amassed public attention in all parts of the globe. However, one of the sought-after models they have designed and manufactured are the vans. The very first VW van was marketed in the early 50's and from there, VW reincarnated the VW Transporter Vans a number of times.

You will learn in brief the history of these camper vans in the next paragraphs, if you're interested, better keep on reading.

Believe it or not, the VW bus Samba has a big contribution to the design of the transporter vans. Interestingly enough, the Samba's design was influenced as well by a design of a Panel van which was also made by VW. You can recognize very easily that the first model of the van by looking at the large VW logo in front of the camper van, view here!

The very first camper van model can be recognized as well by its headlights. The first model of the van also had small thousand cubic cm of air cooled engine, which is actually borrowed from a Beetle.

When 1967 hits in nearly 20 years after they introduce the first model, a new breed of transporter van was introduced but they added lots of modifications from the original one. The newer version of the van had a larger engine, 12 volts electrics and a lot more features that made driving more convenient. In reality, this van was a great success for VW that they have kept on producing the van until the year 1980s. Check this product here!

In the early 80's actually, a new generation of the VW van was presented to the market, which by this time is its 3rd iteration. The new gen was way bigger considering of space than its predecessors. The VW transporter van had powerful engine in comparison to the prior versions and at the same time, lots of awesome features.

Once again, VW modifies the third gen of the van in the early 90's and then introduced the 4th gen to the masses. There was a huge change in the new generation in comparison to the last 3 gens. The most notable improvement it has was its flat back space, intended for maximizing cargo space.

Then now, the 5th generation VW transporter van was presented to the public. Basically, the inauguration for the 5th gen VW transporter vans were one of the biggest and most spectacular ceremonies in automotive industry that there are more than 70 thousand people who have attended the event and witnessed the presentation of the new car.

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